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coast of maine to boston down to providence and into new york city, the area there, blizzard warning. that is where the worst of the storm will be tomorrow night into saturday morning. it has two parts. one coming up from the carolinas and the midwest. they will combine. it will brush past our area. the winter weather advisory in effect for rain, sleet, and snow tomorrow morning and perhaps more snow tomorrow night. more details coming up. > >> you can track the storms anywhere you are. our own and enjoy it aps. -- try our new iphone and android apps. >> embarrassing and expensive commission for st. joseph medical center. they submitted false claims to medicare and medicaid and admitted patients unnecessarily. the settlement is millions of dollars. >> we're talking about a settlement totaling $4.9 million. st. joseph medical center former parent company must now pay that to the feds after a hospital audit discovered the problem. in the summer of 2010, a routine compliance audit conducted by an outside firm revealed st. joseph medical center submitted false claims to medicare and medi
for an onslaught of winter. a pow everyful storm could dump snow from new york city to boston. >> i've got my snow shoes, shovel, salt. i've got it all red. >>> and police officers on edge. the manhunt continues for the fired lapd cop who's accused of targeting officers and their families during a killing spree fueled by vengeance. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. captioning funded by cbs cbs morning news" for friday februar 8th >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 8th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, a potentially record-breaking debilitating winter storm is expected to slam the northeast this morning. snowfall totals could top 2 feet in some areas. dangerous wind gusts threaten power supplies and travel will be affected from coast to coast. the storm is actually a combination of two powerful storms converging off the atlantic coast. one part of the storm is coming from the midwest. the worst of the storm will hit tonight into saturday morning. in some areas snowfall tot
miles per hour. that's the main impact. temperature-wise. still quite mild. 41. 42 in ocean city. getting colder. there will be snow breaking out in oakland and garrett county. and frostburg west, later on tonight. maybe a fau snow showers. the northeast, boy, they're really going to get hammered. tim has a look at the real impacts coming up later tonight and tomorrow. >> we're talking about a storm of historic proportions because of the amount. they get heavy storms up there. but not quite to this magnitude. what we're looking at here is rain. temperatures will stay warm. but mild, i'll say, 41 degrees, when this storm was rolling up the eastern sea board. and now that the moisture has passed us. it's timing, with all the colder air. that's going to mean roughly 24 to 36 inches, up near boston, in about a foot up near new york city. it's going to mean significant delays. of course, this storm is intensifying as it is moving up. we have rain from ocean city, to cecil county. except for just a few showers. could present flurries before the
. mike helgren has the critical clues and the latest from city homicide detectives. >> reporter: police released images showing the brutal attack on deante smith. they believe the images show the teen responsible for the attack. wjz was there as family members came to the victim's mother's home to comfort her. the victim's uncle remembers him as a young man. >> it's a sensitive time for my family and the baltimore police department. >> reporter: police tell wjz it started as a fight and everyone involved was a teenager. >> we believe the suspect and teenager had some type of prior disturbance dispute. >> a young person has lost their life. it is tragic. >> reporter: a wjz viewer sent this picture to the station, saying some of these people could have been involved. homicide investigators are looking into it. >> we haven't completed arrangements for his final resting place. >> reporter: most of those new pictures come from if i city watch cameras. if you have a tip, you can remain anonymous. >> the young victim attended patterson high school.
.f.x. heading into baltimore city. this situation will be changing this morning. it is a tricky situation. be aware for some flash freezing. everything's to be just fine. carroll county parents will be wanting to watch carefully. there's an early dismissal today. that will cancel elementary schools. wait for our announcement. it would mean the closing of schools for elementary schools but it has not happened yet. jennifer franciotti reporting live. >> thank you so much. the northeast is bracing for worse conditions. >> as much as 3 feet of snow in some areas. jay gray has more. >> the early warning signs for heavy snow pushing across the midwest. two systems that will collide later today across new england. >> it will explode and intensify. >> concern over conditions that could be some of the worst this region has ever seen. >> these numbers could be pushed to 28 or 30 inches of snow in some areas. >> residents are bracing for impact. another devastating storm surge. >> i am devastated. some >> are moving to higher ground. >> hi tate, high hurricane force wind, and northeast is the recipe
hen the blizzard of 1978 came storming hrough ew england... the city oo bosson ggt more than 2 eet of snow during that sttrm...about 100 people died. died..ow... does... this storm compare...? here?chief meteorologist... vytas rrid... joins us... with more... oo ttis winter blasst.. vytas vytas 3 3 get the lattst o traffic... weather... and aay school delayy onnfox45 morning news. alllof that information ill be on your screen... even puring commerciaas...on the fox45 news tickerfoxx5 morning -3 news starts tomorrow... att5 a- m 3 baltiiore pooice... fighting bbck... ithhtte &preleass of images... of thh &pdowntowwnstabbing... &ptonight... thee need.... pour... help... to find & him...///. police... 15-year-old boy.../ shortly... after the ravens' parade....// parade..../// keethh daniels,... live -3 downtown.../ where... cameras... caughh the crime on video.. keith. keethh 3&pjeff, we're llve aat hhward and fayette street. p......it's aabuss inttrseetion.. with people -3 coming
ofaccusations that the city failed to protect her..- 3 (4:52:52) "she wass & secure prosedcution of him. they had some obligation to per so why ttat didn'' happen i don't know. its nnt enough - toosay nothing else can be we did eveerthiig we ould. that mantra as goo to stop aad the say we have to dd more." 3 3 phiffett ii bbck in jail & without bond tonight.... hadles relatives pent this day preparing for her funeral and struggling to understand why... jeef abell, fox p5, news at 5:30.... police are still earching ffr tte uspect who fatally stabbee a eenager afterrthe ravens paraae downtown..- downtown. 3 police released these photts of the usppct wearing a phite cap, puuple hoodie and tan pants. hees wanted in connection witthaatriple staabing outside the mcdonaldd on howard and fayette streets...police say thee victim, 15-year-old deonte smiih was downtown for the super bowl cceebratiin tuesdayy an overhead &pstreet from the mcdooald's, caught magee of the actual attack... the suspect is een stabbbng his yoong victim. if you
forecast, in the storm center. >>> we've had basically a few wintry showers north and west of the city. we're gonna get some of those tonight across the northeastern corner of the state. we will get the cold air, cold wind. but so far, temperatures above freezing statewide. even up in philly, they're at 37. any wintry precipitation is not going to stick. cecil county with a winter weather advisory right now. there will be wind concerns just about over the entire state. the northern part of the state with a wind advisory. coastal flood concerns too, because this thing is really ramping up. off the new jersey coast, look at the incredible amount of snow. basically, new york city, north into boston, even all the way up into bangor, maine. we'll have much more on how things will play out, coming up. >>> all right. it looks like we're going to dodge the worst part of this potentially historic storm. >> folks up in harford county and cecil county, they're going to see some wintry weather up there. >> christian schaffer is live up there. >> reporter: no driving ban in effect here in maryland. eve
city fire department. grant money will help better protect families living in the city with smock detectors. those stories -- smoke detectors. those stories ahead op this friday. it's been a lengthy week. tgif. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle alongside charley crowson. we are getting to the weather with meteorologist lynette charles because that is the big story. not only for us but also for areas of new england. >> this is a major, major storm. >> it is. and especially for new england like megan said dealing withblizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow but here at home we will get in op wintery weather as well -- on wintery weather as well. a winter weather' advisory until 10 in the areas in the blue coloring. we will be dealing with a wintery mix this morning. it's coming down around frederick county and you are seeing the blue coloring and pink colorings. but most of us right now getting in on the rain. but if your travels are taking you along i-70 you can see around sugarloaf west and flint hill be prepared for some very slick roadways. we see moo rit -
showers you will see. minor accumulations possible especially north and east of the city. temperatures will be dropping back into the 20's. during the day, left over snow flurries and a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures into the mid to upper 30's. it will feel like it's in the 30's. sunday looks like a nice day. there could be some rain. we will be watching another storm taking from -- coming through the middle part of the week. it will likely be a mix of rain and snow again with a high temperature near 36 and it looks like it will be dry wednesday and thursday. >> still to come, a former police officer wanted in connection with the west coast shooting spree. >> what they're hoping will help them find the suspect. >> talk about making the ravens what abone of the state's officl birds. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america. just ask pc mag. [ male announcer #2 ] cable can't touch fios upload speeds. it's hard to imagine anyone ever beating fios. there's no doubt fios is the fastest in the country. [ male announcer #1 ] after 110,000 speed tests, no
the agreement with three organizations. youth services and the youth justice institute. >>> the city of san jose writ an memo recommending the city okay a private airport for google executives that belongs to mineta san jose international airport. he said the city should accept the bid to build the facility. it could generate $3 million a year and it would create construction jobs on the project and on its daily operations. >>> could san francisco giants relief pitcher play for the giants again? bruce bochy answered several questions yesterday. he is recovering from his second tommy john surgery. he emphasized that the gm decides which players to sign and he can't say wilson will be back but he also said the door is closed on his return either. wilson most likely won't be signed till he proves he regained his arm strength. >>> a big new bridge deserve as big opening dash. question is, is it worth 5.5 million dollars? what we get, who pays what, still ahead. >> and in 20 minutes, how that sound of gunfire became the linchpin to gun law reform today at the state capital. mom, i invited justin over
city is turning into a full-blown snowstorm this evening. by tomorrow, new york could be buried under a foot of snow. >> keep moving. that's how new york is. >> reporter: another storm from the northwest, creating a wintry do you believe--- double- whammy. coastal residents still recovering from super storm sandy, are preparing for hurricane force winds and surges. residents started to clear the first few inches of snow this afternoon. they're expecting two feet. connecticut's governor declared a state of emergency. >> do yourself and the state a favor and stay off the highways. >> reporter: some gas stations in connecticut ran out of fuel as people prepared for the storm. here in harford, people are filling gas cans to run their generators, in case their power goes out. >> reporter: ed hernandez filled up his power truck today. >> running now. looking at 60, plus 100 yesterday. >> reporter: parts of massachusetts, including boston, could get 3 feet of snow. >> we expect up to 2 to 3 inches of accumulation per hour, making for extremely d
"] ♪ it is expected to be a financial windfall for years to come. it city hospitality represent this convening for tourism they are thrilled. the half page ad declaring baltimore a super team. >> now they have a different image and they can see the true diamond that we are. >> tourism officials believe winning the super bowl makes baltimore even more desirable. bookings are time% higher than the national average and 2014 is shaping up as a banner year. >> we will have the n.c.a.a. tournament and then the n.c.a.a. lacrosse tournament, a big convention on the fourth of july. the army-navy football game and then a huge convention schedules on top of it. >> hospitality jobs are expected to be created. >> we have to make sure we have enough front-line employees trained and have the opportunity to get in the industry. >> the visit baltimore entourage did some lobbying urging passage guarantee funding to help with the operating costs of the convention center for the next 11 years. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a blizzard bearing down on the northeast and causing school cancellations, and planes,
in this city there was nothing but rainfall. 41 degrees downtown. a breeze out of the north northwest act of miles an hour. the front over to the east continues to deepen. it will become a monster storm from new jersey to new england and new jerseypossibly dropping a couple feet in spots. sunshine in phoenix and denver. san francisco, maybe not some rain and fog in seattle. we will tell you what to expect for the weekend coming up. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the storm in the northeast is already affecting the washington area. the threat of severe weather is keeping would-be travelers on the ground. here's john gonzalez. >> a storm expected 3 feet of snow from new york city to boston. cracks three hours. i put it in my card and it said canceled. >> at reagan national, security line zebulon all day as travelers try to go north ahead of the blizzard. >> they said maybe tomorrow. >> 3000 northeast-bound flights have been grounded already. >> one stop in philadelphia and that could turn into quite a mess. >> and reagan national airport, essentially every flight headed northb
of snow. >>> san jose mayor chuck reed says the city's economy is getting better, but he still wants to raise taxes. the mayor's idea is to raise the city's sales tax. voters would have to approve it. but -- >> it now appears from our most recent survey that a majority of the voters might support another tax increase. >> in his state of the city speech tonight, reed also said san jose will be able to hire more police officers in the next years. he says money from that will come from savings on pensions. >>> have you filled up lately? you've probably noticed that gas is getting more expensive again. but this really gave us some sticker shock. yeah, you're reading that right. chico's gas station charging $5.03 a gallon for regular. gas prices have shot up almost 40 cents in just the past month. why? switching to the more expensive summer blend of fuel. >>> tonight, there are new rules of the road. new rules for drivers and new rules for motorcycle riders. you've probably seen this. motorcyclists weaving in between cars. they can do t
. >>> another round of rain is moving through the bay area overnight. this is the city last night. let's get the latest from lawrence karnow. >> cold enough out there that i think we are going to see some snow. the sun comes up and it looks like snow across our mountains. it should be interesting this morning as we have some cold temperatures in place and showers beginning to sag a little bit further to the south right now. you can see it on our high-def doppler radar. some of that moisture really south of the golden gate bridge and becoming more widely scattered and i think that will be the case throughout the morning. still, you can see some pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall. you can see that along the 580 near dublin seeing good rainfall there maybe some more snow across the mountains too. snow level down to about 2500 feet. look at that. you can see all that cold air and low, you get an idea of the circulation as the system sags to the south. once it moves by the low will drag the moisture with it. we'll dry out in the afternoon. the temperatur
come from city watch cameras. if you have a tip you can remain anonymous. >> the dead teen was a student at patterson high school. >>> another incident during tuesday's celebration is causing the ravens to make a change in policy. the team says it will now issue tickets to all events at m&t bank stadium, even those that are free. they're hope together avoid scenes like that one and an 11 year old was trampled. >>> a health scare on campus, a student at loyola university is hospitalized with bacterial ben -- meningitis. mike schuh is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everyone has been warn ed about what bacterial meningitis is and how to prevent it and how to be on the look out for symptoms. >> here on the campus at loyola university news that a student has a case of bacterial meningitis spread quickly. men -- >> i got the e-mail in class. >> city health officials are talking. >> if you are a loyola student and you think that you've had contact with the person then in that situation ill recommend contacting your doctor. >> students say it is time to take precau
significant delays in and out of the city. and that means everywhere up and down the eastern sea board. and back into the midwest and beyond. because of the air travel delays. winds are going to pick up here. bob talked about the timing of that at 9:00 p.m. and they're going to really kick in here over the next few hours. we'll talk about that more in your complete first warning forecast. for now, back inside. >> thank you, tim. and as you said, the storm is really expected to pick up steam and hammer several northeastern states tonight. first warning weather coverage continues with marley hall reporting for wjz, from harford, connecticut. >> reporter: the icy sleet that pelted new york city this afternoon, is turning into a full-blown snowstorm this evening. by tomorrow, manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it gets crazy, stay in. if not, you know, keep on moving. that's how new york is. >> a nasa satellite photo shows the northeaster colliding with another storm from the west. creating a wintry double whammy from the northeast.
with information should call baltimore city police. no charges against a police officer who shot a man for the windshield of a special court last year. officer fred murray responded to a report of a man wielding a knife in southwest baltimore. he said david yim came charging toward him while he was seated in his car. that is why the officer shot five charges, wounding yim. >> a massive settlement is costing nearly $5 million. the hospital admitted that the hospital overcharge medicare and medicaid for reimbursement and admitted patients where they did not need to remain at the hospital. >> somebody gives you a medication that you do now need and they built the government for it, that is a false claim. the claim includes a representation that service was necessary. >> they admitted to the practice but stopped short of admitting it was a money-making scheme. a student has come down with a case of bacterial meningitis on the campus of loyola university. the student was diagnosed on thursday. the student is in serious but stable condition. there is little risk to the greater community. >>
a brawl innide a city school... lands onn tudent's spaaked the huge fighttand how p health scare at a local d.-3 university.the deadly virus.. and... see yourself as aas 3 and how manyydifferent ethhicities you can see yourself as. 3 ffiday,,february 8th 3baltimore ounty- hereford zone... harford... and howard county schools are opening 2 hours laae. 3 & 3 -3 3 3 3 3 firss on ox.... ssveral meebers of a baltiioree family faceecharges thiss morning after ttey entered city schooo illegally... and assaulted a female student. psudent..egan gglilland ii here with more on the fight... that laated nearlyytwo hours. good mooning guys,around 2:30 weddesday afternoon... a brawl broke out inside edmondson high school. schooll(4:06) when the fight went down that's when eeerybody was like its a fight iis a fight... that's hen everrbody started jumping in. in.that studdnt tells us 15 to including parrnts... students and teachers.sources say... it started with a dispute betwwen a male and female sttdent. and poo the day of the fight the male students' mmtherr.. entereddthe school unannouuced
charges after they entered a & city school illegally and & assaulted a female student oo wednesday....- wednesday... he several family membees walked 3 assaalt herrson's girlfriend shorrty after a dispute between the two students... the victim and her teacher coofrontation which lasted - nearly two ours and invooved p5 to 22 people... 3the lady bang the girl in the face for real thhy just started bbnking each other for real.... &preal....when the fight went down thaa's when everybody was like its a fiiht its aafight &pthat when everybody justt started jumping in... in... he mother has been arrested......school officials ssy thiisfight is still under -3 investigation and moreearrests - are pending... 3 an upddte tooa ssoryywe first told you about yesterday... police in frederick maae an arrest in this jewelryystore && obbbry that happened tueeday in downtown frederick.police fairfax in the same vehhcle he was allegedly sing as he & getaway car in the jewelry store heest.authorrties are still looking for the other twoosuspects seen in tths survviila
. that's what the city is looking at. >> we are expected to get hammered across parts of new england but a wintery mix could mean your kids could get out of school early today. the latest on the winter storm and how it could be impacting you on this friday, it's february 8th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. that's the big story and we have team coverage on the weather. we want to remind you any cancellations and delays that come into us will be on your scene or you can -- screen or you can find them abc2news.com twitter or facebook. >> we are watching the radars and the clock. when will it begin to impact us the most severely. >> so you are talking about a wintery mix and mainly the snow. we will have in between. this morning we have wintery mix but basically it's off towards the west. i will show you the radar in second. and more into the afternoon switching over to rain for everyone and around 7:00 this evening, 6 this evening, we will start to get on the snow. we could have some accumulations and i will have all that coming up. the winter weather advisory
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's already begun. snow and sleet has arrived in new york city. >> bill: whoa. >> the worst conditions is not coming until very late today and tonight in that area. but it's already begun. one thicken i am seeming right now is that the pressure near virginia beach where the low-pressure area is going to form has been rapidly falling since last night. the winds are gust to go 45 miles per hour down there. >> bill: what i didn't understand i saw that the storm pressure seems to be like around virginia beach but the snow and everything, from what i have seen, doesn't start until like northern new jersey. how did it skip us? >> here is the thing. it hasn't all come together yet. you have two systems, a clipper system coming in from the west and a lot of the cold is behind that system. there is also some cold out in front across new england but it hasn't been southward by the storm because it hasn't fully developed by the east coast. when this comes together there will be rapid development. that will pull everything together, everything will turn quickly on us
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